Have you heard of this? If you've spent any time browsing crochet pins on Pinterest, you probably have. I've seen so many pins about baskets and floor mats and stuff made from recycled plastic grocery bags. I've never tried any before, but necessity is the mother of trying things you've never done before…

I have been OBSESSING over this soap, lately. It's from Hallowell Soap Works, and it is AmAzInG! I found her on Instagram and had been drooling over the pics she was posting of her soaps. I ended up buying a few different bars from a local retailer, and also ordered a couple divine lavender bath bombs. Then, my husband bought me a couple more bars for my birthday! (I'm all set for soap for a while!!!)


So, I was using the soap and then gingerly trying to set it down on end and keep it from slipping all over whatever surface in the bathroom – bath tub, sink side. I was thinking I should maybe get a soap dish or something. Then I wondered if it was weird to not have any soap dishes. I was suddenly feeling an intense need for SOMETHING on which to set my beautiful soaps. I didn't want them getting all icky, or stuck to the bathroom countertop. And then it hit me: crocheted plarn soap mats!

Now, I don't like to follow patterns or recipes usually, so I sort of eyeballed a few tutorials on Pinterest, and then just sort of figured it out. OH MY WORD. just making the plarn (that's the celebrity couple name of Plastic and Yarn) was so relaxing all by itself! I used the blue Hannaford refrigerated items bags, so they are bright, pretty blue. And YAY for recycling!


Anyways, after I made two bags into a ball of plarn, I crocheted up a little round bath soap mat. It is PERFECT! I love it. It keeps my soap clean and unstuck to my counter. It keeps my soap from shooting all over the tub when it is wet. Woooooondeerrrrrrrfuuuuuuuuuullllllll.

See? Pretty blue! So go make yourself some plarn and whip up a bath soap mat for yourself. Or, if you don't crochet, or you have no plastic bags, or you just don't want to bother, you can get yourself one from my Etsy shop.




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