Meet Paws.


Isn't she cute?! She is a German/French Angora. She is sweet and fluffy! Well…she was fluffy. I'll get to that in a minute.

I have been wanting to get into raising some kind of my own fiber animals for a bit, and this is what it has come to. Rather, SHE is what has come to me. What a patient and gentle girl she is! She has this really cool, chinchilla-grey coat. She's actually been really great for me, so far. Her coat doesn't mat very badly, which is awesome. I had been nervous about the amount of grooming an angora rabbit would require, but apparently Germans tend to mat less than, like, English angoras or some other breeds. I had been brushing her once a week, and there wasn't really much to do. Although, I did find some mats in the SOFT, soft, soft hair behind her ears. I will watch out for that better in the future.

When I got her, she already had a name, but my son ended up naming her “Paws,” which I think is absolutely adorable. He says she is his bunny. I may have to fight him. 😉

Honestly, I am afraid of rabbits. (What? Who is afraid of bunny rabbits???) I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it's true. We had rabbits when I was growing up, and I was fearless with them. But, as an adult, I've developed a healthy (maybe it's not healthy) respect for animals – particularly their TEETH! And, angoras require a LOT of handling when it comes to grooming. So, I was really concerned about my being too afraid of a rabbit to dare brush it out – not to mention clipping its nails and harvesting its wool!!! I think the only reason I dared venture down this path is because MY MOTHER is the bravest Dr. Doolittle in the land.

My mom is a goat farmer (currently….she's raised all kinds of different animals in my lifetime, including rabbits) who is not squeamish or timid when it comes to any sort of icky jobs that farming requires. So, I knew that if I needed help, she would be there, and she could show me how to do things, or be extra hands for me.

So, a huge THANK YOU to my mom for helping (or doing most of the hard parts herself) me with my first Angora clipping! I was soooooooooo nervous, as I was collecting my tools and gearing up to do the job. And honestly, I don't know how one could even do this task by themselves. It definitely seemed like a two-person job.

We were going to take before and after pictures, but I jumped in and started clipping before I remembered the “before” shot. So, we fluffed her hair back up and that was the before picture. I'm just now noticing she was so close to the edge…yikes! Well, it turned out fine. Her hair makes it look extra precarious.

Look how long it was! It's like a tutu of wooly softness. She stayed so calm through the whole thing.

All done! She is velvety soft, now. She feels like a plush stuffed animal! And, I think I've officially fallen for her. She was just sweet, sweet, sweet, and definitely seems like less of a mystery to me, now. She's had a few days to relax after the big haircut, and she's just hanging out with us, today.


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